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Market Applications

Straus Knitting Mills, Inc. manufactures fabric and trim for markets such as:


Cleanroom Garments




Safety Applications

Workwear Applications

Straus Knitting Mills stands as a premier custom knit manufacturer, catering to a wide array of market applications. Renowned for versatility, their knitted fabrics find purpose in various sectors, ranging from medical and safety to military and sports. The precision in their craftsmanship extends to specialized domains like racing, creating garments tailored to specific needs.

In the medical field, Straus Knitting Mills contributes by producing innovative knit textiles for healthcare applications. Safety-conscious industries benefit from their expertise in crafting durable and reliable knitted materials. The military sector relies on their precision in creating textiles that meet stringent standards. Sports enthusiasts find comfort in garments designed for optimal performance, while racing professionals trust Straus for high-performance knitwear.

Jackets crafted by Straus Knitting Mills showcase a fusion of style and functionality. Whether it’s for fashion or utility, their knitted jackets meet the demands of diverse markets. Warm-ups designed by the mill cater to athletes and casual wear alike, reflecting a commitment to versatility.

Beyond these sectors, Straus Knitting Mills explores countless other applications, continuously adapting to market demands. Their commitment to quality and innovation positions them as a go-to source for custom knit solutions. From high-tech industries to everyday wear, the impact of Straus Knitting Mills is evident in the seamless integration of their textiles into various facets of modern life.

In essence, Straus Knitting Mills’ success lies in its ability to understand and meet the unique requirements of each market application. Through precision, innovation, and adaptability, they continue to weave a legacy of excellence in the world of custom knit manufacturing.

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