Maintaining Quality since 1917

In 1917, a tailor named Abraham Straus opened a small knitting business to help support his family of eight. Shortly after t, Mr. Straus created the first knit trimmings for jackets. The warm and soft fabrics were a triumph, holding the cold, northern winter air out while keeping the wearer’s warmth inside.

Still Going Strong

Today Abraham Straus’s knitting mill is a success as the company continually expands to meet the needs of new markets and opportunities moving forward to meet the demands of a global economy. Based in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, the commitment to customers, family, quality, and innovation t Abraham Straus began is greater than ever. We are proud of our history and we are excited about today and the future.

Our Manufacturing Process

Quality Checked Every Step of the Way

1. Yarn in & Color Check

With every new dye lot that arrives at Straus Knitting we check the color to verify that is it within the industry standard.

Blue Fibers Yarn

2. Knitting Floor

With having 400+ knitting machines, we will have the capability to meet your needs. Offerings include, rib, interlock, waffle/thermal, and jersey knits.

3. Dyehouse

We dye to our customer’s specifications while maintaining an extensive library of previously established colors for your convenience

4. Finishing

Finishing: Our finishing department is responsible for the final quality inspection. They also cut and package you order to meet your specifications.

Your Product. Made by Our People.

Our employees take great care while manufacturing your order to provide a high quality product.

Our Sustainability Plan:
Keeping Our Community Clean.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Straus Knitting Mills is located in a beautiful valley through which the St. Croix River flows.  Everyone who works and lives in this area is truly blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy our natural treasures.  We have lovely and peaceful parks and forests t hold an abundance of wildlife.  People in our small community are very friendly; if you do not know a person, you are guaranteed to know someone who does.  You will be friends with your doctor, postmaster, police chief, and neighbors; the sense of community and the ties t bind are very strong.

We believe t we live in a special place, and we have taken extra measures to maintain the pristine beauty of the area.  While some textile manufacturers use caustic chemicals in their process and simply discharge their waste water byproduct to the local treatment plant, we have installed our own waste water treatment plant.  Our process water leaves this operation as clear as when it came in, protects our environment and the place we live.